Byliving is a Danish interior design brand, established in 2015 in Copenhagen. The company is a family driven business, and we operate internationally. The passion and appreciation for unique products made many years ago, got us started finding treasures all over the world.

We are especially known for our olive jars, which are more than100 years old and all one of a kind. We handpick each piece and make sure we get the most beautiful. We have a large selection of stunning old water pots, rice baskets, trays, buddhas and lots of other unique products. Our recycled wood furniture is painted and lacquered with a very special technique and you can find tables, benches and so much more.

All our vintage products are collected around the world and gently restored to help preserve the existing beautiful objects that exist. 
We source around the world to buy the best products from different countries, and work with skilled artisans in many places. 

Newly made products are mainly designed by us. They are manufactured and produced in high quality materials and rage from douche and delicate color combination, to the classic black and white. 

Get inspired and enjoy!



Carsten Berner                                                                               

Mob. +45 25 72 10 12
Mail: info@byliving.dk


Susanne Johannessen  

Creativ director and product developer. 
Mob. + 45 25 48 23 48  
Mail: susanne@byliving.dk  

Joan Gram Møller

Photographer, Content Creator & Web Administrator.
Mob. + 45 31 57 10 13 
Mail: joan@byliving.dk 


Jette Lena Sørensen                                     

Sales Jylland & Fyn
Mob. +45 52 92 57 00
Mail: jette@nordicagentur.dk