About our products

Old olive pots and Vintage water pots

We select our old olive pots in the Southern Europe and each piece is handpicked. They have been used to store olive oil and some even wine. They are made of terracotta and stone and are not frost-proof. With that in mind they are not that fragile, and you can easily leave them outside in temperatures up to -5 degrees.  They are all handmade / turned and have a fantastic patina. 

Our vintage water pots are not frost-proof and we recommend using them inside or outside during summertime.

All our old pots are unique and one of a kind, which make them special. Always remember to drill holes in the bottom, if you want to keep the pots outside, so the water can drain.

Our furniture

Our furniture is made of recycled elms and oak wood, which has been in the wind and weather for more than 50 years.

As the wood is a living material, it can settle and crack over time in the Scandinavian climate where we have more dry air and changing temperatures.

The furniture is made of solid wood and will evolve over time, making each piece of furniture unique. At the same time, be aware that all types of wood adjusts to the surroundings and the temperatures as well as the humidity in the climate they are in.

Newly produced pots

The pots are sealed but we still recommend not to plant directly in the pots and if you want to use them for fresh flower, use a glass vase inside. When you water directly into any pot, the water will leave condensation in the bottom and that will eventually leave marks on a table or floor. 

Unique products

We love unique products and things that tells a story. However, since no 2 pieces are the same, the shown pictures are just an example. You are always welcome to contact us and we will send you pictures for your approval before shipping the order.